work in progress

A game of remaining invisible to yourself and to your predators. It features a camouflage mechanic that forces players to relearn spatial navigation without being able to rely on seeing themselves.

The difficulty of the game adjusts dynamically to the player, to extend their flow state as much as possible. Branching paths present themes of industry, nature, and their synthesis and evolution.

The installation features generative soundscapes of bassy sine waves and tones, recordings of musical instruments, urban noise, frogs, toads, birds, and insects.

"It looks like a Mondrian Möbius strip collapsing in on itself, taking Bridget Riley optical illusions and military dazzle camo kicking and screaming with it ... It’s a mix of chill bullet-hell intensity diced with fight-or-flight stealth. It’s intuitive, but weird."
- David Wolinsky, Kill Screen