Photographs by Brian S. Chung / GJ Lee.

Strange Arcade

Museum of the Moving Image
Changing Exhibitions Gallery

Strange Arcade featured over 30 designers and artists, whose works are especially distinguished by the way they create playful spaces by subverting experiential expectations.

My contributions included conceptualization, naming, writing & editing the curation statement, selecting work, artist relations, tech specifications, exhibit & layout design, site installation, panel discussion, and more.

Curation Statement

The creative act frequently resists the constraints from which it is born. For designers of games and interactive experiences, the challenge of creating experiences that are both expressive and replicable has proved a productive tension, resulting in unique controllers, unusual displays, and novel interactions that incite curiosity and undermine expectations.

Strange Arcade features dozens of games and experiences that use costume controllers, embedded media technologies, reappropriated consumer devices, and other subverted technologies to create strange play performances and explore new ways of sharing stories.

Panel discussion on curation process and philosophy.
From left to right: Sam Roberts (IndieCade Festival Director),
Brian S. Chung (East Festival Cochair), GJ Lee (East Festival Cochair),
Jason Eppink (Museum of the Moving Image). Photograph by EMiSpicer.

Gallery Photographs by EMiSpicer

Gallery Photographs by Brian S. Chung / GJ Lee

Writeups, Charles Battersby

Paste Magazine, Garrett Martin

A.V. Club, Derrick Sanskrit, Jordan Minor