2021 – present. Lead Experience Designer. Manage a team of 3 other designers. Bramble is…

Cartomancy Anthology (The Hermit)

2022. Steam (Windows, Mac). A cozy and contemplative narrative experience in the form of a simple point and click adventure. An elderly woman hikes through a mountain of memories by traveling through photographs, reflecting on each one.

Tree Trunk Brook

2020. Steam, Armor Games,, and more (Win/Mac/Web). A tiny adventure game about hiking during the pandemic. Follow trail blazes, take photos, make friends, and find lost items.

EXPOSURE, a game of camouflage

Steam (Win/Mac). Award-winning game of camouflage where you can’t see yourself. Lose the ability to see where you are, and learn to feel and know where you’re going.

No Body Home

Steam (Win/Mac). A cute and dark cooperative platformer about two little ghosts searching for delicious cake in a house that’s haunted … with humans!

Knockdown TV

2019. A simple fighting game where reading your opponent is everything.


2019. Web game. A short RPG about experience. Level up as much as possible without dying!


2019. Web game. About irreversible loss, inconsequential decisions, and inevitability.

Mooving In

2019. Mobile web game. A physics puzzle game where we build a house for ewe. As an ideal estate developer, you must beavery thoughtful!

Famous Last Words

2018. Web game. Life is about sending a message. Punch your way through the bullets and throw your food items to make it to the end of the station!

Teaching History

Bloomfield College Creative Arts & Technology I developed and taught the following required courses for…

What if …

2016. Computer game with custom controller. What if your week was simultaneous instead of sequential?

Strange Arcade

Museum of the Moving Image, Changing Exhibitions Gallery. New York City. The Strange Arcade curation featured…


2016. Web game. From pooper, to pupa, to flutterby.

Wrong Bet!

2015. Installation & performance game. A simulation of betting on underground street fighting.

NBA Escape

2015. Mobile game (iOS / Android). Basketball physics mobile game featuring puzzle-solving and skill-based levels.


Web-based MMO with over 3 million monthly active users at its peak, and over 35 million players total. I contributed as the lead game designer.

Anita World Wide Web

2014. Web game about the 1973 NASA experiments on the spiders Anita and Arabella in low earth orbit.

LumpyLand (NCEAS)

2014. Mobile game. Created for the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS).

The Triptych Game

2013. Installation game. A hand-painted interactive triptych that changes by the hour, day, and season. Made for the Jheronimus Bosch 500 Foundation.


2012. Mobile app. Meeting platform that leverages LinkedIn + mobile GPS for professionals to find each other nearby, meet in person, and share business referrals.


2012. Mobile app (iOS). The official LEGO Lens alternate reality app.

the universe within …

2012. Web game, mobile app (iOS). An infinitely recursive game that progresses from the cosmic, solar, global, local, organic, cellular, atomic, and deeper into another cosmos.


I co-founded and co-directed SmashTournament, a New Jersey / New York City Tournament Organization. We…


Series of Massively Multiplayer Online games. I contributed game design in 2006.   Projects: Epicsode…