Massively multiplayer online game and virtual world. Over 35 million players (3 million monthly active users).

I contributed as Senior Game Designer.

As the design team lead, I owned design vision and produced systems and content for over 35 million players. Shipped dozens of games, features, and events as lead designer or producer. Managed a team of 5 designers and producers, and acted as collaborative liaison across teams within a studio of 50 people.

Credits on individual games and shipped features include:

  • Fantage
  • Top Models Inc. (Fashion Show)
  • Secret Adventure
  • Fantage Pets
  • Wild Racer
  • Wild Slinger
  • Wild Brainies
  • Wild Rumble
  • Fantage Hall of Fame
  • Fantage Bingo
  • Cosmic Crests
  • Art Smarts
  • Fantage Anniversary Month
  • Fantage Cataclysm
  • Dozens of in-game events
  • UI and World Map redesign
  • Premium Monthly Gift
  • Vintage Classics, Vintage Gold
  • Price Tag system UI design
  • Premium Members VIP Lounge
  • Limited Items
  • Fantage Farm
  • Many more games, events, features, systems, and other updates





Documentation Sample

Sample images of an event design document.