Carried Away (Passion Pit)

2012. Web game. Collaborators: GJ Lee. Made for Kill Screen and Pitchfork with intellectual property from Passion Pit. Winner of the 2012 Soundplay Grand Prize.

Prerecorded video depicts the creation of the work itself. Textured into the background is a live video feed of the player.

This work subverts the preoccupation that a scored game would normally demand, by foregrounding the live video feed.

The player, who was previously on the outside, peering in, then suddenly has a fishbowl moment. From there, players find themselves investing more deeply into a concentration state, or stumbling self-consciously.



Game Screenshots

Normally, the game shows prerecorded video in the background.




When the player collides with the walls, the game fades out the prerecorded video, and fades in live webcam video of themselves playing.


New Museum

Image of the game in exhibition in NYC at the New Museum.


Documentary Stills

Still frames from “Things=Points,” a mini-documentary presented by about the creation of this and 3 other games.