Knockdown TV

A simple fighting game where reading your opponent is everything.


A short RPG about experience. Level up as much as possible without dying!


About irreversible loss, inconsequential decisions, and inevitability.

No Body Home

Steam (Win/Mac). The story of two little ghosts searching for delicious cake in a house that’s haunted … with humans!

What if …

2016. Computer game with custom controller. What if your week was simultaneous instead of sequential?


2016. Web game. From pooper, to pupa, to flutterby.

Wrong Bet!

2012-2015. Installation & performance game.


Senior Game Designer I managed the game design team on Fantage, an MMO for teens…

Anita World Wide Web

Web game. A game that references the 1973 NASA experiments on the spiders Anita and…

LumpyLand (NCEAS)

Mobile game. Created for the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS). The app…

the universe within …

Web game, mobile app (iOS). An infinitely recursive game that progresses from the cosmic, solar,…