Cartomancy Anthology (The Hermit)

Steam (Windows, Mac). Collaborators: GJ Lee, Olivia Zuern.

A cozy and contemplative narrative experience in the form of a simple point and click adventure.

An elderly woman hikes through a mountain of memories by traveling through photographs, reflecting on each one.

The emotional arcs of the narrator’s life and relationships are physically mapped across the trails of the mountain. The photos aren’t in chronological order, so the narrative is pieced together as the details are revealed across multiple hikes to the same mountain. Each photograph represents a place, a memory, and a trajectory in the life of the narrator and of the changing mountain itself.

The narrator speaks to themes of reflecting on the past, imagining the future, fully living in the present, aging and living a fulfilling life, savoring and gratitude, socialization versus isolation and withdrawing, idling, productivity, and self-worth in a capitalistic society, and environmental changes.



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