Tree Trunk Brook

2020. Steam, Armor Games,, Game Jolt, Newgrounds (Windows/Mac/Web). Collaborators: GJ Lee, Josie Brechner, Olivia Zuern.

A tiny adventure game about hiking during the pandemic.

Follow trail blazes, take photos, make friends, and find lost items.

The visitor center is closed, but the trail is open. Social distancing is in effect, and masks are required.

  • 3 trails to explore
  • 14 photo locations
  • 10 lost items
  • 11 hikers to befriend

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Nerdist – Enjoy a COVID-Safe Hike Through Nature… in This Video Game



I would really like to congratulate you all on your recent masterpiece – Tree Trunk Brook.

It was such a simple and heartwarming game. A game about forest trekking, photographing nature, picking up litters, making quality friends, and even considering the facemask wear is almost unheard of!

The realism in this game is awesome as I myself work in forests and my work is indeed affected by the current movement restrictions so this game makes me feel like I’m in the forest again doing what I like doing best.

Thank you very much for creating this game. I wish more game developers will make similar quality games about nature like yours as well.

— Nature photographer

“I really love the graphics and STYLE.”

“You can tell a lot of love was put into this – there’s just some really cute details that didn’t have to be in there, but make it all more charming.”

“Adorable game, found myself playing it for 1+ hours. 100% made me want to run more often. also my soul WANTS to see the protagonist and their friend hike someday ♥”

“By the way, if there’s a nature center in your area, do get out and go for a walk there. It’s great exercise, and truly rejuvenating. Take your time, and remember to keep your eyes open and your mouth shut! (grin) And DON’T LITTER! (grin)”

“I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much to 100% it and then go back for the bonus dialogue but it was quite fun and relaxing to play! Shame there was so much litter though”

“Cute and relaxing. I didn´t want to rush it. Now I´ve completed the tasks but I still visit once in a while.”

“Cute game and the pixel detail is cool!”

“Cute, and I love that you can keep coming back to hike another day. :)”