HTML5 mobile web games

Games: ASCEND, Astronuts, Bamboo Jumper, Constellations, Kitty Paradise, Mooving In, Picnic Panic, Rainbowbit, Slime Crash, Sloth Flip, Snack Shack, Sunfish


2017-2018. Mobile web games. Created with a team of 8 collaborators (between 2-4 developers per title).

Cross-platform web games for mobile and desktop browsers. HTML5 mobile games with a focus on quick & quirky fun.

As a director at The Sheep’s Meow, I led a multidisciplinary team of 8 developers to produce, design, and develop over a dozen HTML5 casual games for mobile web, including management of licensing and advertisements.


Game Links

Play all of the HTML5 Games at The Sheep’s Meow


Play ASCEND at The Sheep’s Meow


Play Astronuts at The Sheep’s Meow



Design & Technical Specifications Documentation

Preview images of selected pages from the design & technical specifications documentation.